Balloons with an Attitude

Two close personal friends of mine (I’ve known them since birth), reminded me of a fun party activity/decoration. We once got these cool stickers with a helium tank and balloon kit. We decorated them before the party and then used them as decorations.

But, I think this could be a great activity for party guests if they are waiting to be served. You could tie a balloon to each chair and then have stickers on their place setting.

The decorated balloon could then serve as a type of name card if they get up from the table and get back. I’ve noticed that younger kids are somewhat territorial. If you can get them to be happy with where they are sitting once. Just have them repeat — any change seems to be very unsettling.

So, I found these stickers from Oriental Trading.

They don’t have to be faces, any stickers could be fun. But, I think you take that balloon by the string and say, “Just don’t float there do something.”


1 Response to “Balloons with an Attitude”

  1. 1 Virginia Janet May 14, 2009 at 9:37 am

    Those balloon face stickers are looking so cute and funky. Oriental Trading has cute party stuff.

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