Staff Tested Party Favors

The Party MOMster staff (they work for graham crackers) and I were inspired by a paper towel tube to make party favors. These favors are easy to make with any cardboard tube (each is half a paper towel roll) and tissue paper to start and then the skies the limit. We tried to make them without the tube — just rolling construction paper and tissue paper — it’s trickier to make and not very sturdy. So, stockpile your cardboard tubes.

Just remember that there is a very special formula when you are making many party favors — if you are making a lot, then keep each one simple. (This is a painful lesson learned one Valentine’s Day when making cards for a class of 25) But, as my staff can show you from these prototypes; there are many possibilities and they had fun doing these. Depending on your staff’s experience level, you may want to do the wrapping and they can add the bling factor.

And from extensive testing (we tried shoving a lot of different things in a tube), we came up with a list of things that you could put inside for party favors: wrapped candy, crayons, stickers, lollipops, Pez dispenser, plastic beaded necklaces, bracelets, rings, barrettes, chapstick, matchbox cars (many not all sizes fit) and Littlest Pet Shop Character.

These favors work on many levels. Aesthetically, you can tie your favor in with your theme, like the Littlest Pet Shop — just by using wrapping paper or stickers. And they look super special. On the practical side, because the doo-dads are hidden, you don’t have kids pulling them out right away and comparing — “Oh, I wanted a blue one” — which often happens when you don’t get absolutely the same thing for everybody.

Finally, having kids help with any party preparations is a great idea. I feel it teaches generosity. Your mission is, of course, to make the Guest of Honor feel special, but you also want the party goers to have fun and enjoy themselves. For the Party MOMster, the ultimate goal is for everyone to walk away from the celebration feeling good.

Any favor tips or ideas, bring ’em on.

1 Response to “Staff Tested Party Favors”

  1. 1 lboyle3814 May 8, 2009 at 10:43 pm

    Cool party ideas! They look fun to make!

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