May Flower Favor

I was in Target the the other week and they had these little (like micro) flowerpots with seeds and dirt pellet for a dollar. Now, the Party MOMster is itching for Spring. It was a long cold (sick) winter and April was pretty rainy. So, growing flowers seemed like a fitting activity to get us to where we want to be: Spring. The Party MOMster staff was very receptive to the idea. Growing flowers from seeds is so earthy and educational — bonus. Wouldn’t these make great party favors?

So, as with many of our ideas, we test them. The Zinnias and Marigolds have taken off like gangbusters. The dwarf sunflower was off to a slower start, but we have sprouts. The red peppers have shown no activity it’s been over a week — we are not counting them out. But, if we were counting on the peppers to hold the staff’s attention, Party MOMster would be watering dirt on her own by now.

But, you may say “These don’t really go with my theme.” (OK, this may not have even entered your mind. If it did, you are just as scary as me!) And I say, “It is all in the presentation.” You add a card with a sweet message (Thanks for making me feel special for my Birthday. I could not have picked a better Friend) in your party colors and you are TIGHT! Here are some examples…

If anyone does this party favor or has done this party favor, please share. I unfortunately don’t have any May Birthday Parties except my own (less than a week away!) I must say the Party MOMster staff has been a bit secretive lately — it is either for my Birthday or a revolt.


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