Ode to Aqua Poppy Designs

MOMster was restless
her blog was ordinary
blue flower brought peace

There are a few moments when the PartyMOMster is inspired to write poetry. Usually, it comes from intense joy and gratitude, which explains my last poem “Ode to the Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru”. (That is written on the back of a receipt in my mini-van when it resurfaces I will share it with you.)

But, I had to write a poem (let’s say it’s a Haiku) for Aqua Poppy Designs, who basically saved me from myself this week by providing a free Blog Background I love. The Blogger template just wasn’t doin’ it for me on its own. And I was restless — and I mean without rest. I have been staying up to crazy hours of the night searching for a background, trying to make my own and all other sorts of ridiculous.

And then I stumbled across Aqua Poppy Designs and my quest ended. The beautiful “celebration” background is compliments of them. It inspired me to screw around with the header on my own. (It’s a sickness — I wanted it to match.) I am now satisfied and ready to get some sleep.

I feel like I should offer some Party MOMster inspiration, but frankly I’m tired. I do have a great party favor the staff and I created this afternoon which I will share after some much needed rest. (I also have some laundry and dishes to address as well.)

But, I don’t want to take away from Aqua Poppy Design’s AWESOMENESS. So, let’s just stop here.

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