A Loom, A Shredder and Some Eggs…

I am so charged about “Put Your Cards On The Table Week”. But, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Inspired by a childhood memory of my sister and I weaving potholders like sweatshop workers (Hey, doesn’t that sound like fun?), I thought — let’s try that with cards.

So, I run around the house digging up stacks of old cards. I have to admit there are some I can’t bear to re-purpose and tuck them back away. But, a few seem like prime candidates and run to the shredder.

Yes, I said the shredder. I haven’t used the shredder in a while, but I thought it would slice through the cards like a pasta maker — turning my cards into colorful paper fettuccine.

“Hey guys, watch this.” I feed the card into the shredder and it spits out confetti. Not quite what I had in mind. One staffer is speechless studying the card remains. The other turns to me with wide eyes and says plainly, “Why did you do that?”

Not everyone is on board.

Plan B. The staffers are busy on their own projects. They don’t seem to have the stomach for this. So, I pull out my paper cutter and begin making my colorful paper fettuccine. Now that the cards are unrecognizable and the craft table is a big mess, the staffers want back in. We begin to weave a bookmark.

Somewhat skeptical at first, they see the pattern take shape and are thrilled. The Party MOMster’s cool quotient is rising steadily. Earlier instability is now seen as genius. The staffers can only be described as “stoked”. (Is a Mom of three allowed to stay “stoked”? Does anyone say “stoked” anymore? Am I wicked dating myself?)

Moral: You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

“Put Your Cards On The Table Week” continues….


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