Put Your Cards On The Table Week: Closing Ceremony

What a great week. We really pushed ourselves for “Put Your Cards On The Table Week”. We sacrificed some cards for the greater good. We rescued some cards from the dark recesses of dresser drawers to let them shine again. And finally, we show that cards can be easily rein-card-nated as gift bags or handmade cards.

The staff and I knocked this out in no time — which matches their attention span. They are looking forward to presenting it to their friend at an upcoming Birthday Party. While “kid” friends may not appreciate handmade gifts, they do welcome a tricked-out package. So, crank up the bling, glitz, glamour, pizazz and oomph (“Oomph” is actually in the dictionary: 1) sex appeal 2) vigor; energy. This is a G-rated site, ok PG, based on my donkey pun at the end of Party Game “Who Am I?” But, we’ll stick with definition #2)

Finally, this demonstrates an important Party MOMster principle: Having little ones create for others, fosters generosity and kindness.

Wow! Ending with a little philosophy. This week has brought out the best in the Party MOMster and staff. Release the doves. Extinguish the flame of righteous idignation. We have conquered the pricey greeting card and “Put Your Cards On The Table Week” has come to an end.


1 Response to “Put Your Cards On The Table Week: Closing Ceremony”

  1. 1 AlyGatr June 29, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    What a nice way to end 🙂 Glad Buzz and Woody lived to see a new day!

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