I was “taking a break” folding laundry while my son (staffer #2) watched Sesame Street and the baby (staffer #3) was snoozing in her bouncy seat. (I’m not sure where the oldest (staffer #1) was — but she’s still here, so I guess we don’t need to worry about that now).  The show was talking about jobs and what kids wanted to be when they grew up.  I asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  And he replied, “I don’t want to grow-up.  All grown-ups do is work.”

Amen, Brother. 

Yeah, this grown-up wasn’t that much fun.  And that was when Party MOMster was born. It was time to lighten-up a little bit and have some fun. 

Fun for me was always Birthdays.  And when my kid’s Birthdays came around, I had the best time.  It was like a new business pitch in my pre-Mommy Advertising days.  And Birthdays give you permission to do things out of the ordinary — a break from the everyday.  But, why wait for Birthdays?  There are lots of good reasons to leave the dishes in the sink sometimes and be extraordinary.

My Mother is an impeccable housekeeper and loves to iron.  I do not treasure my crisp shirts growing up but, my memories of dancing the twist in the kitchen, running in the backyard with sparklers to simulate fireworks and Mom roller skating at break-neck speed down a hill (she was okay — but, oh the grass stains!)

We have such an exceptional role as a Mom — let’s put it to fun, not just laundry.  Join the Party MOMster with all sorts of ridiculousness and foolishness to be the life of the party at home.

Party on!

Want to know more about the Mom that puts the “fool” in foolishnees?  Here’s a goofy questionnaire someone sent me to fill out…Enjoy!


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