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Put Your Cards On The Table Week…

Whoa…After my niece’s stage debut, a Graduation party and Father’s Day, the Party MOMster’s got a celebration hangover. (That does not mean the same as it did in college. I did not partake in the Beer Pong game that evolved at the end of the Graduation Party. I’m just really tired, but my house does look like a Frat house at the moment.)

But, I shall press on — because I’m the Party MOMster and I’m on a crusade: squeezing every last penny out of greeting cards. Call me “Joan of Hallmark”. (A clever twist on Joan of Arc…..ok, moving on.) My pocketbook is still smarting from my Father’s Day card purchases, as I mentioned in last week’s post, Father’s Day Gift Idea. So, this week is “Put Your Cards On Table Week”. We are going to take all our old cards, throw them on the craft table and get to work.

To kick off this week, I’m actually going to highlight a project that I did a few years back. We added our second staffer and received many beautiful cards congratulating us on our bouncing baby boy. I also had a baby’s room that could use a little art. So, I created this card collage. It was a cool memento of all the well-wishers, as well as a neat art piece for the little guy’s room.

I believe this could be a great 1st Birthday Gift. But, I think if you are looking for some cool wall art for your kid’s room, sifting through some old cards is a great start. One staffer loves pink, princesses and hates to throw stuff away. We may create another cool card collage this week or something else — you will have to stay tuned…

So, you wake up on Monday thinking it’s just another ordinary day, and you find out it’s “Put Your Cards On The Table Week”. I know the sun seems a little brighter, the air has a sweetness to it and a bird has just rested on your shoulder to chirp you a tune. Share the euphoria and your card ideas with us this week!


A MOMster Birthday Greeting!

Maurice Sendak turns 81 today. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sendak!
(Who, by the way, is no stranger to this Blog. We mentioned a celebrity birthday party inspired by his book Where the Wild Things Are in You Got A Book In My Party. You Got A Party In My Book)

In honor of this classic book and its vanguard author (His fanged monsters were new territory in the land of Children’s Books at the time. Hard to believe with our Sesame Street friends today), I’m feeling very bookish!

No news here: I am always looking for great Children’s Books. I think they make great gifts and great activities. Here’s the news: I found a new blog that is a great resource The BookNosher. This lady knows her stuff with a very impressive background in Family Literacy programs. Upon visiting Picture Books For Your Graduate, I found out about this lovely book Only One You by Linda Kranz, which I promptly went out to buy.

And the BookNosher was kind enough to indulge my request for a book to pair with our Snake Party Blowers. She suggested Verdi by Janell Cannon, the same author of Stellaluna.

Hmmm, I wonder what kind of part Mr. Sendak is having? Well, if he makes snake party blowers, tell us how it goes and don’t forget the book!

You got a Book in my Party. You got a Party in my Book. Two great things that go great together….

I love books, especially Children’s Books, and books can be a great theme for a Birthday Party. If you are not convinced, then here is a celebrity example. Christina Aguilera had a “Where The Wild Things Are” First Birthday Party for her son, Max, earlier this year.,,20253528,00.html

And even bigger celebrities, like yours truly, has pulled off a book party or two.

One thing I love about a party that is tied to a book is the amazing keepsake the book then becomes. The guest of honor will always have great memories tied to that book, which will be triggered every time it is taken down from the shelf.

Now, the book can become the theme as Ms. Aguilera did. Or the book works with a larger party theme, like jungle, polar or princess. It can be displayed as a decoration — maybe guests can sign the inside of the cover or leave a message. A staffer received If I Ran The Circus by Dr. Seuss at their Circus Party. Inside was a poem their clever Grandmother wrote, needless to say it is one of their favorite books.

And reading a book can be a great party activity, especially for toddlers and preschoolers. At a Safari party for preschoolers, we read Sitting In My Box by Dee Lillegard. It is a cute story about a bunch of animals that join a boy in a cardboard box. We had a cardboard box and animal puppets which we used to act out the story.

Coming soon, more book suggestions and ways to bring them to life at your party. And if you have a great book to share — please post!

PS (Did anyone get my homage to the classic Reese’s Peanut Butter commercial? Come on give it to me!)

Make the News on their 1st Birthday

So, I don’t want this blog to look like a catalog. Here’s an idea that won’t cost ya….

Your Baby’s First Birthday is a very exciting time. Especially, if it’s your first First Birthday. Things seem to even out as you finish out Year One. What knocked you on your butt 12 months earlier has evened out, you feel like you’ve found your parenting groove and its time to celebrate. And it is easy to get carried away. But, let’s be real. Your guest of honor doesn’t really know what is going on. And it is very easy to overwhelm him or her. Even the Party MOMster has learned to show some restraint.

But if you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck — get your little one on TV. Many local TV stations announce Baby’s First Birthdays and it doesn’t cost a thing, just a little planning. Check the different news affiliates in your area at least a month ahead of the big day because there is usually a few weeks of lead time. Then, you just need to email a picture file (they will let you know the format they require). And then wait for the big day. If the Birthday is during the week, you may have to get up early to see it announced. I’ve done a 5am viewing. But, now there is Tivo and VCRs(ok, those aren’t new — I’m trying to think why I was up at 5am –probably just my enthusiasm) you can catch it at your convenience.

Getting your little one on TV gives you that celebration buzz so fitting for a First Birthday.

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