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Luau Entertainment: Hula to Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Thank you to Aly’Gatr, a pineapple lover and native Hawaiian (she was born there), for embracing this week’s party theme: Hawaiian Luau. As you can see from her comments, this bird of paradise knows her stuff including the actual hula dance that accompanies the hukilau. Sadly, she could not forward her own performance, but supplied a stand-in. (Bloggers are such a generous bunch!)

Performing a hula showcase for the guests of your luau would make you one Hoihoi Hostess (Hoihoi being “entertaining” in Hawaiian). And even if you just bumble through it like the guy in the green shirt and revert to the robot dance, people appreciate your enthusiasm. Similar to my baking – it’s the thought that counts.

If anyone actually does this at their Luau – you HAVE to tell me.

But, if you are not willing to shake your money maker for a crowd, I have another idea for entertaining. It is no surprise that I am a fan of the board game. I do enjoy a game of Pictionary, Trivial Pursuit or Balderdash. That’s right Balderdash – that hilarious game of bluffing. If you have never played (I feel sorry for you), you can get the full scoop at Wikipedia. But, the basic gist is that everyone has to make up a definition of the same word and you guess which the correct definition is. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Now, I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking – HAWAIIAN BALDERDASH!!! (Us screaming in unison. Jinx, Buy me a coke!) That’s right. Take Hawaiian words and have people make up and guess definitions. For example…

Humuhumunukunukuapua’aA blessing after one sneezes
The state fish of Hawaii
An undergarment worn by a bride on her wedding day
Another way of referring to three finger poi

Are you stumped? Well, get ready to hold you sides…(I put the answer in the comments)… Oh, my eyes are watering from the laughter! If you feel your guests are not amused by Hawaiian Balderdash, I say the hukilua is a strong backup or a robot dance.

I leave you with a Japanese proverb…

We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.

Right On! I’ve got to Boogie.


Let’s Party Mondays: Huki huki, huki huki, huki hukilau

It was recently suggested that I offer an Adult Party theme. Something about the phrase “Adult Party” makes me giggle the same way the staff reacted to “Grey Poupon”. (“Did you say poop on?”) But, knowing the source, they weren’t suggesting any flagged content — just something for grown-ups. No piñatas. No goody bags. No mutant cakes. (i.e. my dinosaur cake) I’m a people-pleaser — this week’s Let’s Party Mondays theme is…. HAWAIIAN LUAU


I’m not really going to bother talking about decorations. I don’t think a party store can call itself a “Party Store” if it doesn’t have a Hawaiian Luau aisle, Mardi Gras section or 50’s Dance Party display. So, you know what to do.


This will determine the success or failure of your Luau — in fact, the Hawaiian translation of Luau is feast. So, you’ve got to get your food on. What incredible pomaika’i (luck) that this grown-up request comes on the heels of a fabulous menu created by the brainchild of bacon, the clever cake-in-the-mug-maker, boozy-paint-can-shaker: Bacon Concentrate. The “Celebrate Someone Special with a Hawaiian Luau Dinner” more than fulfills the feast requirement.

And a party menu dedicated to the Party MOMster just can’t go wrong. (I am so feeling the love -– no more eating cookies with a spoon for me)


I haven’t really talked about music before – it’s not one of my strengths. I am hoping DJ Running Man in the sister offices in Eastern PA will help me with a music post. He knows how to rock an ipod. But, I did a little research on my own and starting off very simply with “Hawaiian Luau Party” at the iTunes store. Two albums popped up.

Hawaiian Luau Party by The Hit Crew came very highly rated. Upon listening to a sampling, it definitely gets your grass skirt shaking. But, with selections like Day-O, Rock Lobster and Cha Cha Slide, it does not have the authentic sound I was hoping for.

Hawaiian Luau Party by various artists is just what I was looking for. Although I am questioning my tolerance for the ukele, I would say it offers a more credible luau sound with hits like Sweet Leilani, Hukilau (of course!) and Hawaiian War Chant (which is certainly not as scary as it sounds). I was reading a review of it on Amazon which included “surprisingly taken up in the fascinating weird world of this amazing CD” – enough said, we have a winner!

With that, I say “Aloha” for now. If you have any “grown up” suggestions, please share. I, myself, am feeling very grown-up. I made it through this whole post without making any jokes about getting “lei’d” (Wait, does that count? Oh, so close.)

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