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Do You Know….?

I’m on a roll. I’m already on my second post, but I want to give everyone an idea of what they will find on my blog. So, here we go, it’s a party game “Do you know ….?” (I’m up for coming up with a better name)

Let’s say you are throwing a surprise party. And, of course, the trick to a surprise party is to have all the partygoers there before the guest of honor. To fill the time and get everyone in the mood we played “Do you know (Insert Guest of Honor Here)?”

When I did this, I printed out cards that asked “Which does she prefer?” Followed by, “Beatles/Elvis”, “Mashed Potatoes/Stuffing”, “Al Pacino/Robert DeNiro”, “Candy/Flowers”. (I think I was inspired by a beer commercial at time, which had men debating if they prefered Ginger or Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island)

So, everyone made their picks and of course shared their own preferences. We then went over the items with the Guest of Honor after she arrived and she told us what she preferred. Everyone was having fun keeping score. For those with the most correct, I bought lottery tickets and printed out cards that read: You are Lucky to know (Insert Name)(get it Lucky – Lottery Ticket, ok, moving on)

So, there you go. Maybe it will inspire you. If you have a great party game that warms up a crowd, I’d love to hear it.


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