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On a Camp High

Second week of summer vacation and I’ve hit the ground running. Staffers 1 and 2 have been in half-day day camps and are LOVING IT! They come home in a good mood and too tired to bicker with one another.

Staffer #3 and I have been going to the park. We take a walk and then go to the playground. Seriously, I am living the dream.

So, I just want to give Camps a shout out and reminisce about my camp love from last year…

A Lesson in KISS: Camp Book Mark Craft

Camp Party Theme

S’more Foolishness

I am currently on high alert for my favorite movie “Meatballs” which I missed last year on TV. If anyone know when it’s on — LET ME KNOW!


My Brush With Celebrity: Little Red Monster

The last post had me thinking about our Elmo party and I just wanted to revisit what a worthwhile adventure renting a costume was. I had found this place online (I wish I remembered which one exactly) for $150, they rented you a “Little Red Monster” costume, a music cd and a small gift for the Birthday child (it was a plastic Elmo mug). The costume arrived in a big box the Thursday before the party.

Yours truly had the honor of being an Elmo. We had made several trips to Sesame Place before this Birthday and we knew that our little one loved seeing the characters in person. She was absolutley amazed to see Elmo walk out into the backyard. I had purchased one of those oversized crayon banks to give to her from Elmo. Elmo-afficiandos out there know Elmo loves to doodle.

We had so much fun with it that we even had Elmo visit again Sunday night before we had to ship him back on Monday. Now, you may think $150 is a bit steep. But, this would be a great present for family members to give or go in for. Toys come and go, but Staffer #1 is now on her way to 8 and still talks about how Elmo came to her party.

Important note: Not all kids love these big characters. One of the attendees at the party was very disturbed by Elmo’s presence. Later, I had to tell her it was me. She looked at me aghast and said, “Why would you do that?”

Party Blowers Part 4 (Pooper Barrio Mothers)

Yes, we did Elephant Party Blowers. And then Frog Party Blowers. And even Snake Party Blowers. And this Party Blower thing just keeps on giving — I give you the Party Blower that resembles the turtle/dragon thing in the popular video game that sounds very similar to Pooper Barrio Mothers.

Why am I being so cryptic? Well, I don’t want to step on any toes. I don’t need a multi-billion dollar company squashing me like a bug. (I mean I did have 10 views yesterday).

Staffer #1 loved Sesame Street when she was a little. We had a Elmo party for her — including renting a costume online.  This would be the “Little Red Monster” costume — so, I too, will play it safe.

But, I digress (as I often do), the Pooper Bario Mothers Turtle/Dragon Party Blower was a huge success. It gave 9 six-year-olds a break from tearing my house apart at a recent party. They were able to color it in any way they wanted and then assemble the blower (noiseless, of course).

There’s your covert party blower idea. I feel like a radical today — flying low under the radar (very low, because no one reads this blog). Got any sneaky Party Blower ideas send them in code….The Truth is Out There.

Hello world! I’m Baaaack….

Well, I took a break and decided to come back. Made the big move to WordPress — Blogger was messin’ with my comeback.  Trying to get up to speed on the new software. I look forward to great things and much nonsense. I’m feel fiesty — Party MOMster is gonna knock you out…

Wow, this is a really long song — I’m not that fiesty.

Let’s Party Mondays!: A Retrospective…

Well, the week “has gotten a way from me a bit”. The staff has gone back to school and we are all trying to get in this new groove. Change is hard. I’ve found that it takes 3 days for me to feel comfortable with changes — so I should be feeling more settled some time today…….I’m waiting……still…….waiting…

But, why not take a look back at all the great Let’s Party Mondays we’ve had. (I actually can’t believe we had more than one.) But, I figure Hillary Duff has 3 “Best of” albums — so I can indulge as well. Here were the summer’s greatest hits…

  • Dinosaur Party
  • Circus Party
  • School Party
  • Camp
  • Car Party
  • Luau
  • Beach Party

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the wonder of Let’s Party Mondays, click here. Have a favorite? Let me know.

I enjoyed the Luau. It was a real compilation of my blogging friend’s talents. To continue my music metaphor, a kind of “We are the World” of party creation. Maybe that’s a bit grand. How about the Traveling Willburys? I’m Jeff Lynne — mellow and in need of a haircut.

Wow, good tune — it’s goovin‘ my reflective, contemplative mood. Thanks to all my blogging friends , who have made this a great place to party. Happy 4 Month Birthday ….Party On!

That’s the Spirit!

I’m cruising the net, feeling a little blah. And I discover this little gem on, “The 2009 Painted Belly Contest”.

Now painting my pregnant belly is not something I would do. I’m not being judgemental — it is more of a public service — it just wouldn’t be pretty. I never had that cute pregnancy belly — I was big all over, just big. I treated myself to a pedicure and the manicurist said, “Congratulations, what are you 5 months along?” — uh, no try 3.

But, I just love the spirit of this and it inspired me to create my own award. The “That’s the Spirit” award for Moms that are fun and goofy. So, here’s to the participants of 2009 Painted Belly Contest you are off to a great start.

They’ve got spirit, yes they do, they’ve got spirit, how bout you?

If you have someone you would like to nominate, let me know. Party MOMster — champion of the goofy, crazy, daffy, dippy, ditzy, dotty, kooky, nutty, screwy and wacky. Party on!

Feeling the Love and Plenty of Room at the Lunch Table

I’ve been branching out and meeting new bloggers. It feels like 7th grade all over again when I started a new school. My Mom was encouraging me to meet new people so I wouldn’t sit alone at lunch. (That story ends with me befriending the oldest seven grader, who liked to eat cookies with a spoon.)

Unlike 7th grade, I am finding everyone to be warm and friendly. And my efforts have been rewarded — in a big way — 3 awards! So thank you Meg from Meg’s a Mommy for being so generous.


Next week, I will announce my recipients (The “week has gotten away from me” and providing the proper recognition is trumped by a major cereal spill in the kitchen). I just wanted Meg to know how much I appreciated her support. (I can’t wait to go tell my Mom!)

S’more Foolishness

I had a few final thoughts on last week’s party theme: Camp. But, things got a little away from me at the end of the week (one of my classic apologies), so let’s pack it up.

As you may recall, I thought I had lost my Golden Graham cereal forever and then was able to find it in the grocery store (What an emotional rollercoaster!) I put my box to good use and made the Golden Graham S’mores recipe. We loved it. (I loved a whole lot of it.) And the staff was beaming when they came home from a long day of nature camp and were greeted by a glass of cold milk and s’mores. (“Wow Mom, you’re the best! Hey, who ate half the pan already?”)

I had to see if my faux fire idea would work — that is attaching tissue paper to a fan. I’m all about theater and I made this nifty video on some software I found on my computer.

I’m not willing to admit defeat. The staff is not deeming it a true success. And Mr. Party MOMster is just a little worried.

Finally, I couldn’t finish our camp discussion without giving a nod to one of my favorite movies, a tour de force in the summer camp genre: Meatballs

That’s it for my foolin’ around (for now).

Xanadu Barrettes

Happy Birthday Kim Carnes — You Rock!

I felt I would be remiss if I didn’t give a proper shout out to Kim Carnes. If you are saying to yourself, “Why do I know that name?” Here’s a little reminder…Bette Davis Eyes

I wish I could go back in time — I think if I did I’d be working the Gimp at camp Arrowhead. Good Times…(written wistfully)

Party Tableau from My Talented Staffers

Super Foolishness (According to Me!)