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"Pick A Party" Winner

Once again my scientific method of picking from a hat has served me well, we have a winner: sqkecleen. Congratulations!! Sqkecleen gets this Party MOMster exclusive: A Kit to create your very own Chair of Honor!

Sqkecleen gave me a fun and most unexpected party theme idea: A Back to School Party. Ideal for those late August early September Birthdays. My head is swimming with ideas, but you’ll have to wait till Monday, that is “Let’s Party Mondays”, to get the full party poop. Thanks to Sqkecleen, it lives on for another week!

Two posts related to school this week — it has become a leitmotif for Party MOMster. Leitmotif, a dominant or recurring theme, was the word of the day on I’m trying to offset my frequent use of the word “poop”. (I just can’t help myself)


Birthday Party Tableau

Thank you staff for painstakingly creating and photographing this compelling Birthday Party Tableau (What a way to kill an hour).

Aren’t parties fun? How about entering the Pick A Party Giveaway and email a party idea?

PS (All email addresses will be kept confidential and if you want to use a nickname that’s cool too. I sometimes like to be called “Babs” — we don’t judge here.)

GIVEAWAY: Pick A Party (Say that five times fast)

I’ve been called impulsive. I’d like to think I’m enthusiastic. But after my proclamation of “Let’s Party Mondays”, I looked at the calendar and realized there are A LOT of Mondays (They come about once a week, you know.)

So, because I’m such a planner… (Well, not really. A planner wouldn’t run out of diapers.) Maybe because I’m scrappy — not willing to admit defeat and needing to give “Let’s Party Mondays” a fighting chance — I’m announcing my latest giveaway: Pick A Party

“Pick A Party” is my way of ensuring many “Let’s Party Mondays” to come. Because with your help, the Party MOMster will be swimming in party themes to pick from. All you have to do is email me a party theme and you’re in. It doesn’t have to explain how the theme works or talk about cakes or games or decorations or favors — all it takes is an idea.

For your generosity, you will be given the chance to receive…A Chair of Honor Kit

If you’re not immediately clapping your hands with delight, you might need to be reminded of the Chair Of Honor project. Using a pillowcase, fabric markers and iron-on transfers, we created a chair decoration for the Birthday Guest of Honor. The custom slipcover (previously referred to as a pillowcase) can become a fun family tradition to be used again and again.

The Chair of Honor Kit includes all of the items needed to make a custom Birthday slipcover all your own. (And years of Birthday memories: Priceless)

Here’s the Pick A Party W5:
(Thank you, Urban Dictionary. def.: Who, What, Where, When and Why. Similar to asking the “411” or detailed information about an event. Party MOMster adding some flava to the rules.)

  • Email me your party theme by midnight July 15th
  • One email per entry
  • All entries will then be put in a hat and one will be pulled
  • The chosen entry will be announced on July 17th
  • If winner does not claim prize by July 19th, another winner will be picked.
  • All entries will become inspiration for “Let’s Party Mondays” and will be properly attributed if used.

Hey, wake-up — that’s it for the rules. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and email your party theme(click here to make it happen!).

Sticking to my guns (kind of)

So, I was feeling a little conflicted about my no noisemaker stance in my post, Party Favors That Leap Off The Page. Was I being harsh? Thursday, I saw a new Juicy Juice commercial that shows kids running around with kazoos. And I’m thinking, “Doesn’t that look cute? They do look like they are having fun.” (Man, I am so easily manipulated by TV).

Was I being a … Party POOPER?!

And then yesterday at the end of year preschool field trip, it happened. We took a 30 minute train ride to a picnic area and then we boarded for our 30 minute trip back. As we were getting settled, the teacher handed out train engineer hats — very sweet. Followed by…train whistles. 30 train whistles. (cue Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”)

Here’s a little math: A train travelling for 30 minutes with 30 preschoolers blowing 30 train whistles equals how many Tylenol for 1 mom when it reaches the station?

My beloved seemed to take to the whistle like a breathing device, never leaving his lips with a constant TOOT! wheeze TOOT! wheeze TOOT!

And the whistle was a gift that kept on giving. After the field trip, we needed to pick up the other staffers and the whistle took on whole new life.

“Hey guess what song this is?” TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOOOOT!
“Let me try.” TOOOT! TOOT! TOOT!
“My turn.” TOOT! TOOOOOT! TOO_
“Hey, no fair.” “MINE!” screaming chaos ensues

So, will I use noisemakers?

Not for a while.

Party Tableau from My Talented Staffers

Super Foolishness (According to Me!)