Sticking to my guns (kind of)

So, I was feeling a little conflicted about my no noisemaker stance in my post, Party Favors That Leap Off The Page. Was I being harsh? Thursday, I saw a new Juicy Juice commercial that shows kids running around with kazoos. And I’m thinking, “Doesn’t that look cute? They do look like they are having fun.” (Man, I am so easily manipulated by TV).

Was I being a … Party POOPER?!

And then yesterday at the end of year preschool field trip, it happened. We took a 30 minute train ride to a picnic area and then we boarded for our 30 minute trip back. As we were getting settled, the teacher handed out train engineer hats — very sweet. Followed by…train whistles. 30 train whistles. (cue Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”)

Here’s a little math: A train travelling for 30 minutes with 30 preschoolers blowing 30 train whistles equals how many Tylenol for 1 mom when it reaches the station?

My beloved seemed to take to the whistle like a breathing device, never leaving his lips with a constant TOOT! wheeze TOOT! wheeze TOOT!

And the whistle was a gift that kept on giving. After the field trip, we needed to pick up the other staffers and the whistle took on whole new life.

“Hey guess what song this is?” TOOT! TOOT! TOOT! TOOOOOT!
“Let me try.” TOOOT! TOOT! TOOT!
“My turn.” TOOT! TOOOOOT! TOO_
“Hey, no fair.” “MINE!” screaming chaos ensues

So, will I use noisemakers?

Not for a while.


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